Why do pneumatic tools add pneumatic oil?

Pneumatic oil, full name pneumatic tool lubricant. It can be said that it is a crucial lubricant for blade-type pneumatic tools. When the pneumatic tools are continuously running at high speed, if the inside of the motor is very dry, the damage to the tool is very serious. Imagine if there is no oil in the car engine, you are still driving in the car, even if it is a variety of expensive new cars, running in this state, the engine will soon be scrapped.


What is a pneumatic tool and what is its advantage?

Pneumatic tools are mainly used to drive the air motor to generate external kinetic energy by using compressed air. The general pneumatic tools are mainly composed of the power output part, the operation part conversion part, the intake and exhaust part, the operation opening and stopping control part, the tool housing and other main parts. Of course, the pneumatic tool must also have the energy supply part, air filtration and air pressure adjustment. Part and tool attachments, etc.


Car repair - where is the difference in primer finish?

In the automotive, furniture, home appliance industry, I think the spray gun is an indispensable object? The spray guns are also divided into various types. The main use is the primer spray gun and the top paint spray gun. They belong to the spray gun type, but they have different uses. What are the differences? Let's decrypt it together!

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